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Stained Glass Painting
Stained Glass Window

Here at Direct Glazing, we provide stained glass, picture glass and leaded lights at competitive prices to our customers. 

Leaded Lights 

For the past 25 years, we have been making traditional leaded lights. whether this is completely new or remaking old damaged ones using the best of the existing glass. Making these to the customers’ specifications. Traditional lead lights are made by cutting lead and shaping the lead to the design. We then fit the pieces of shaped glass in between the lead and solder it together. Then using a special lead light cement to bond it together before finally cleaning ready for glazing. A new alternative to this method is to have a stick-on lead applied to the pane of glass, usually, these are made to a rectangle or diamond shape, or to show colour a ‘film’ can be applied.

Leaded Light Repairs 

Depending on the severity leaded lights can sometimes be repaired on-site or removed and repaired in our workshop. Once repaired the leaded lights can then be refitted and cleaning of this will be done to give it an overall shine and restored look. 

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