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Bespoke mirrors 


Looking for bespoke mirrors for your residential or commercial property, contact us today! 


We specialize in mirrors with our in-house facilities to hand it allows us to offer our trade and residential customers alike, a prompt service with mirrors cut to size polished edges, and bevels ranging from 10mm to 45mm wide. 


Mirrors can be safety backed or foil-backed which helps to stop condensation and heat affecting the mirrors in bathrooms and kitchens. 


If you are looking for something more unique than a plain mirror, we also offer decorative edged mirrors to give it a different finish. 

Mirror Installation 

It is very popular for mirrors to be fitted with a specialized mirror adhesive or alternatively holes can be drilled with appropriate fixings. We then prepare the mirrors to be with anyone of these methods and of course, we have a fitting service if required. 

Heat Pads 

We can also supply heat pads that are specially designed to fit on the back of mirrors. This helps to prevent condensation forming on the mirrors especially in bathrooms. We, unfortunately, do not frame mirrors; however, we can arrange for this to be done upon request. 

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