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Are you looking for reliable and experienced glazing installers? Look no further! Here at Direct Glazing we are double glazing specialists that offer quick and efficient glazing installations at competitive prices.

Glass Panes
Fixing Broken Glass

Acoustic Glass 

All our windows provide a certain degree of noise control where noise is a particular problem, choosing the right glass is critical in providing a solution to that problem. When it comes to solving the problem we have several options available to choose from high-performance acoustic laminates, laminated glass, thicker float glass or glass insulating units with a combination of all these glasses.


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We are based in Ascot and serve both domestic and commercial customers.

Low Emissivity Glass

Emissivity is the rate of heat radiated through an item. Over the years Low emissive glasses have been developed to provide an increase into thermal insulation. This has a coating on the surface of the double glazed units that makes a massive difference to its performance by inhibiting the radiation of heat from within a room and instead the heat is reflected back into the room by the coating.


Heat loss can be compared by their U values. The higher the U value the greater the heat loss. Ordinary glass has a U value of 2.8 and double glazing with Pilkington K as used by ourselves has a U value of 1.9 which is considerably better than conventional double glazing. 

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