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Covid-19 Glass Screens 

Office Desk Screen Covid-19
side Profile Covid-19 Front Counter Screen
Covid-19 glass screen desk

Going back to work during these unprecedented times can be worrying and scary but here at Direct Glazing we want to help fight back against the Covid-19 War, Protecting the people and having a less stressful time worrying about health and safety. 

That's why here at Direct Glazing we are pleased to introduce our new protection anti- virus desk counter top screens and for offices, desks and showrooms. 

Shown on the left we have a selection of images of glass screens that we can offer. 

As well as glass screens we also are pleased to announce that we offer perspex screens for workplaces that struggle to get glass put in place into the office space. 

Talk to our team today to find out more.

01344625733 or find us on Facebook 

Covid-19 Front Counter glass screen
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